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It is 2019 and words cannot express the level of excitement I have in anticipation for the upcoming months. We’ve accomplished a lot during these few months and I would like to thank each and every one of you for making what seems impossible possible. We have come together and created outstanding programs and community involvement for our children and created opportunities for mothers to build lasting friendships. All of this was done by your commitment to EXCELLENCE and DEDICATION to our vision. The months ahead will be challenging as we move towards a new programming year and chapter status. As WE, and our TEENS, embark upon new endeavors, I want to encourage you to continue to be as enthusiastic as you were day one.

The Executive Board and I know that your engagement goes beyond us creating goals and programs; therefore, we are committed to making sure you all are fully knowledgeable and well informed by maintaining open communication at all times. This will be achieved by creating an environment of trust, accountability, and transparency.

This year will be a fun and exciting time for us as we brace ourselves to become a Provisional Chapter in July and subsequently our chartering in the fall. It’s going to take all 46 of us to pull this off but with our persistence and patience we will achieve what we set out to achieve.


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